10 great advantages of creating a blog for marketing

If you want to increase your sales without spending a lot of money, a blog is ideal to promote your brand, your products and/or services. In this article, we present 10 great advantages of creating a blog for marketing your company: not only to build loyalty and communicate with your current customers but to attract potential ones.

1) Quick and easy.

Very easy to install, unlike a traditional website. It is not necessary to be a computer or web expert to create and maintain it with periodic articles.

2) Cheap.

Since it is very easy to install, anyone in the company can do it. The creation of the blog and its accommodation do not cost much. As for the administration of the blog, that is, the writing of articles and the response to comments, does not require much time and can be an additional task for some of the employees. Given its strategic importance, the person in charge of these tasks is, in some cases, the owner of the company (in a small company), and, in many cases, a marketing professional (in a large company).

3) It allows you to know the needs of your target market, which is essential to improve your products

On the one hand, clients will leave you some comments. This will tell you which products they like the most, what recommendations they give you to improve them, and even where you should start to make the enhancements. On the other hand, as in any website, you can analyze valuable information that the web gives you about your readers: which articles generated more clicks, which words attracted more customers, how much time they spent on your website, etc.

4) Improve the natural positioning of your website in Google or in other search engines.

Unlike another website, a blog is more prone to improve positions, due to its periodic articles. One of the most important variables for the positioning of a website is its update. Better position means more traffic (more people will come to your blog), and more traffic means more sales (if you have quality products that meet market needs).

5) The notoriety of your company.

If your blog has more possibilities than a traditional website to be in the top positions of the search engines, it means that more people will come to your blog. And more people are going to realize that your brand exists in the market, or they will get used to it.

6) Facilitate communication to the market.

With the periodic launches of articles, the company can communicate to its potential market or its customers the launch of new products and services, the improvement of its products, a sales promotion, etc.

7) Presents the company as more accessible to the market.

Customers can leave comments easily, which allows them to have a sense of proximity to the company. This facilitates your relationships with customers.

8) It gives an image of a company that is sure of itself.

If a company launches a blog, it is because it is a company that is sure of the quality of its products and services, that it does not fear disapproving comments, but accepts them with the aim of improving. A company with a blog is open to opinions and is willing to continually improve to meet the needs of the market.

9) Give an image of an expert company and build your credibility.

The articles of a company show all the knowledge that it has about its products and services, about the sector and about the problems of its clients. A customer will prefer to buy the products from an expert company, which they can trust.

10) Customer loyalty.

A netizen has no interest in frequently visiting a “traditional” website. A blog yes. One of the characteristics of the readers of a blog is that they get used to reading your content periodically if the information you give is of value to them. The more you love your blog, the more “involved” you will feel with your company and with your products and services. If the company manages to solve the problems of its readers with good information, they will be more interested in buying products from your company than from a competing company.

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