Creative Writer

Our Creative Writer with more than 12 years of experience in creative writing and digital strategies has specialized in the generation and management of digital strategies and digital content that include social media, SEO and SEM.

Ana Teresa a.k.a “Ana Te.” loves the world of communications and how journalism, advertising and marketing are areas that can become tools for economic and social transformation and empowerment.

Ana Te. really loves to read, research, write and share her knowledge. Her inspiration is in each of the people who generate changes, both personal and of greater impact. For this reason, she is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​co-creating and accompanying IDX.Marketing commercial partners to grow day by day adapted to an increasingly digital world.

Currently, Ana Teresa Trujillo is an honorary member of the advisory council for communication and promotion of the organization Action for Equality, outgoing ambassador of the international network Venezolanas Globales and director of digital content and administrator of the digital community of migrants and entrepreneurs “Team Peru”.

It is important to highlight her high capacity for empathy, creativity and strategic thinking that allow her to generate solutions outside the box and based on the opportunities and needs of her clients. In fact, recently, Ana Te. has been trained in UX, CX and Service Design with the aim of continuing to develop agile and creative solutions that connect with audiences and users.

“Information is power” and “believe to create”.