SEO marketing – black hat seo and white hat SEO

At IDX.Marketing, a SEO marketing agency, we have created this article to explain all the details involved with Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Enjoy!

Once we understand what SEO is, it is fair and necessary to know that, as in any industry and sector, in SEO there are also good and bad professional practices. Naturally, everyone wants to appear in the first result of Google, and this has been causing a lot of spam practices.

Black Hat SEO are those techniques used by SEO specialists whose purpose is to deceive the search engines to achieve better positioning. On the contrary, White Hat SEO are those techniques followed by SEO specialists that are within the editorial limits of the search engines. There is also a third one. Gray Hat SEO are those techniques that are halfway between spam over-optimization and the neatness of the search engines’ editorial guides.

But what does it mean to be a good SEO specialist, White Hat SEO? In our opinion, the following characteristics are essential:

A good SEO specialist must have a constant appetite for learning. We believe that this characteristic is applicable to any good professional. But in the case of the SEO professional, the appetite for learning must be daily. Reading articles and books written by other experts and making your profession a hobby and an obsession are the best recipes of success.

A good SEO specialist must also be a good writer. Achieving the reader’s attraction is essential. For this, it is not only necessary to know how to write well, without mistakes or grammatical errors, but also to do it in an attractive and clear way. In the end, for a reader, the decision between clicking on the first or second web result will depend on which headline or description is most attractive and relevant.

A good SEO specialist must always have an analytical perspective. SEO is based on the constant and methodical application of previous analysis techniques that will show what should be the approach to follow when optimizing a website: from the point of view of the competition, the incoming traffic to the web, and the browsing analysis that users carry out when they visit the website. All this is necessary to know what changes should be applied.

What does a good SEO specialist do?

SEO consulting previous analysis: This analysis should cover four aspects.

1) Current situation of the web in the search engines.

2) Study of the most relevant SEO aspects within the webpage.

3) Study of the competition.

4) Study of the most relevant Keywords.

Internal optimization: Once carried out the SEO Consulting tasks, online optimization of the site needs to start, based on the data previously studied.

External optimization: Development of a backlink’s generation strategy (links that redirect to the webpage). While at the same time, quality content is still being created on the web.

Results measurement: Analysis of the data generated and the evolution of the website position in the search engines for those selected keywords.

Back to start: Rethinking ideas making emphasis on those aspects that aim for improvement and searching for new keywords.