Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Digital Marketing Specialist began working in the food service industry straight out of high school. He started as a barista with Starbucks and worked his way up to management, gaining skills in customer service, inventory management, and time management as he opened two new stores for the company. After five years of service he transitioned to running a restaurant where he hired and trained a staff of 60+ over the course of a year, eventually leaving to once again transition to the role of a trainer to open a local mezcal and tequila bar in Orlando, FL. There he trained new staff members while also diving into the world of bar service, taking extensive courses to expand his knowledge of alcohol and spirits.

After nearly ten years in the service industry he transitioned into the world of property management at a luxury apartment complex in downtown Orlando, FL. It was there that he first got his taste of digital marketing by running their social media pages and updating their website. After some research he chose to pursue a digital marketing certificate with the University of Central Florida. Following completion of their intense six-month boot camp he was recruited with IDX following review of his ad design portfolio.

With his strong background in customer service, time management, his dedication to further his knowledge, and now his Digital Marketing Certificate, we are excited to be working with Bobby to help shape the future of IDX.Marketing’s digital services.