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Cure Bowl – Join the Home Team

IDX Marketing is proud to announce that our campaign ‘Cure Bowl – Join the Home Team‘ has won at the 2024 Communicator Awards. Created in partnership with Reality Marketing Group for the Orlando Sports Foundation, this campaign has earned distinctions in the Non-Profit Series, and Sports & Entertainment Advertising categories. Special thanks to our Creative Director, Pablo Rendic Olivieri, for his visionary leadership on this project. These awards underscore our commitment to leveraging innovative marketing strategies to support meaningful causes and effectively engage with our community.

About the Client

The Cure Bowl is an annual college football bowl game played at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The game is contested between a team from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and a team from the Mountain West Conference (MWC).
The Cure Bowl was founded in 2015 as the Cure Insurance Orlando Bowl. In 2019, the game was renamed the Cure Bowl to reflect its commitment to the fight against cancer.
The Cure Bowl is a non-profit organization that raises money for  cancer research. In 2023, the game raised over $1 million for the Susan G. Komen organization.
The mission of the Cure Bowl is:
  • To raise awareness about cancer.
  • To raise funds for cancer research.
  • To celebrate life and hope.
The Cure Bowl is committed to:
  • Being a premier college football event.
  • Promoting women’s health and wellness.
  • Supporting the Orlando community.
The Cure Bowl is an important event for Orlando and for the fight against cancer. The game helps to raise funds for cancer research and care, and it also helps to raise awareness about the disease.
The Cure Bowl is an event for the whole family. The game is fun and exciting, and it is also an opportunity to support an important cause.
About This Project
Customer need
The organization Cure Bowl is on a crucial mission: to raise significant funds for the fight against cancer. Cure Bowl hosts an annual college football game, the Cure Bowl, held at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.
Cure Bowl’s primary need is to secure as many donations as possible in the battle against cancer. The organization utilizes the funds raised to support cancer research and provide support services for women with cancer and their families.
The key strategy to achieve this goal is the sale of tickets for the thrilling Cure Bowl game. In this endeavor, Cure Bowl passionately calls on all sectors of the community to join and actively participate in this noble battle. The pressing need is to expand our community, foster greater engagement with Cure Bowl, and disseminate our vital mission in the fight against cancer.
Campaign objectives
The first step in any campaign is to define its goals. Campaign goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).
In the case of the Cure Bowl marketing campaign, the overall goals are to raise awareness of the Cure Bowl and generate interest in attending or supporting the event, as well as capture contact information for future outreach efforts.
Specific Goals:
The specific objectives of the marketing campaign for the next three months are measurable indicators that provide a clear vision of the direction we want to take with the campaign. These objectives include:
Social Media Objectives:
Facebook: Achieve or exceed 600,000 users reached.
Instagram: Achieve or exceed 100,000 users reached.
Profile Visits:
Facebook: Achieve or exceed 10,000 profile visits.
Instagram: Achieve or exceed 11,000 profile visits.
Total Users Reached:
Achieve or exceed 80,000 users across social media.
Website Objectives:
Achieve or exceed 100,000 views on the website
Achieve or exceed 70,000 sessions on the website.
Achieve or exceed 60,000 users on the website.
To develop an effective marketing campaign, it is crucial to understand the target audience. In the case of the Cure Bowl, this audience is defined as follows:
  • People interested in philanthropy, cancer
    awareness, and community involvement.
  • College football fans. The Cure Bowl is a college
    football game, so it is important to connect with
    people who are interested in this sport.
  • People interested in making a difference but who
    are not sure how to get involved.
In this sense, we created three ideal customers:
  • Cathy: A philanthropist who has been affected by cancer.
  • John: A football enthusiast.
  • Patricia: Someone seeking a larger purpose.
These audience profiles help us understand and tailor our content to specific groups of people, ensuring that our messages resonate and engage effectively.
Content Strategy
Description: Aligning our audience profiles with platforms and content types for optimal engagement.
Audience Profile
Content Type
Why It's Suitable


Visual stories, Philanthropic events, Survivor stories
Cathy, as a philanthropist, is likely to engage with heartfelt stories and events that resonate with her personal connection to cancer.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Football match updates, Event countdowns, Sports trivia
John is a football enthusiast. Sharing updates and engaging content related to football is ideal for him.
Instagram, LinkedIn
Awareness posts, Opportunities to get involved, Success stories
Patricia seeks purpose. Content that educates and offers involvement opportunities aligns with her interests.
Different audience profiles resonate with distinct content types. By aligning our content to what each audience segment values, we can create more meaningful and engaging posts.
Create engaging content
Develop ads that resonate with your personas. Use the content themes from your plan to inform your ad creation.
Content Themes for Lead Generation
Recommended Channels


Updates on latest cancer research sponsored by Cure Bowl


Stories of survivors and how Cure Bowl's work has touched their lives
Instagram, Facebook


Information on philanthropy opportunities with Cure Bowl
Exciting previews and recaps of Cure Bowl football games
Instagram, Facebook
Information on family-friendly events at the Cure Bowl
Instagram, Facebook
Fun and engaging football trivia and contests
Instagram, Facebook
Information on how to get involved with Cure Bowl
Facebook, Instagram
Updates on Cure Bowl's impact and mission
Instagram, Facebook
Tips on cancer prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Instagram, Facebook
Costumer Journey
Phase 1:
Objective: Call to action and awareness.
Channels: Social media ads and website.
Ads about the purpose and mission of the Cure Bowl, calling for action to donate, attend the event, or purchase tickets.
Customer behavior:
Customers will see the ads on social media and the website, generating interest and awareness about the cause.
Phase 2:
Info Capture
Objective: Collect information about the customer for future personalized interactions.
Channels: Landing pages and registration forms.
Registration forms to obtain information about the customer’s interests and preferences, offering rewards and benefits in exchange for the information.
Customer behavior:
The customer will complete the registration forms to receive personalized offers and exclusive benefits.
Phase 3:
Objective: Maintain connection with the customer and provide regular updates.
Channels: Email, newsletter, and social media.
Email, newsletters, and social media posts that provide regular updates, information about upcoming events, and relevant content about the Cure Bowl.
Customer behavior:
The customer will follow the Cure Bowl on social media and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest news.
Phase 4:
Ticket Purchase
Objective: Customer loyalty and repeat business.
Channels: Email and social media.
Email with a satisfaction survey, information about upcoming events, updates about the Cure Bowl’s mission, and opportunities to get involved and donate.
Customer behavior:
The customer will complete the satisfaction survey and get involved in future events and activities of the Cure Bowl.
Phase 5:
Upsell or Resell
Objective: Ticket sales for the event.
Channels: Website and email.
Information about participating teams, event details, and the ticket purchasing process. Information will also be provided about auxiliary events and activities related to the Cure Bowl.
Customer behavior:
The customer will purchase tickets for the event and learn about auxiliary activities through the website and email
Actions Plan
The marketing plan explains how we leverage lead generation opportunities on Facebook and Instagram to implement a successful campaign.
Content Map Plan
Over the three months of the campaign, the implemented efforts proved to be highly successful, consistently surpassing all set objectives. Detailed data showcases outstanding performance in the following metrics:
Social Media Objectives:
  • Facebook: Achieved 787,047 reaches, surpassing
    the goal by 31%.
  • Instagram: Reached 148,364 individuals, exceeding
    the goal by 48%.
Profile Visits:
  • Facebook: Garnered 11,613 visits, surpassing the
    goal by 16%.
  • Instagram: Achieved 14,124 visits, surpassing the
    goal by 28%.
Total Users Reached:
  • Attained 119,084 users reached, surpassing the
    goal by 49%
Website Objectives:
  • Registered 139,500 website visits, exceeding the goal by 40%.
  • Secured 90,200 sessions on the website, surpassing the goal by 29.
  • Obtained 73,400 website users, surpassing the goal by 22%.
These results are highly positive, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives. Particularly noteworthy achievements include:
  • Significant reach on social media, enabling engagement with a large audience
  • Increased profile visits on social media, indicating compelling and relevant content for the target audience.
  • Growth in total users reached on social media, showcasing a significant impact on the audience.
  • Surge in website visits, signifying the campaign’s success in attracting traffic.
  • Elevated website sessions, indicating that visitors spent more time on the site.
  • Increased website users, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in converting visitors into users.
The exceptional campaign results reflect the effectiveness of our implemented strategies and tactics. The substantial overachievement of objectives in all key metrics demonstrates a solid impact on brand awareness and user engagement. These achievements not only validate the adopted approach but also lay the groundwork for future marketing initiatives. The attained success underscores the adaptability and efficacy of the employed strategies, emphasizing the importance of meticulous planning and precise execution. This case study not only highlights quantitative outcomes but also the team’s ability to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious goals.
Several contributing factors to the campaign’s success include:
  • Well-defined and executed marketing strategy.
  • Clearly defined target audience.
  • Engaging and relevant content for the target audience.
  • Effective execution of campaigns on social media and the website.
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Keyword Research

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Preliminary research

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