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Company Background:

The client’s business is Orange County Public Schools, which is a school district that provides education to about 209,000 students at 210 schools. They operate in the education industry and are one of the largest employers in Central Florida with more than 25,000 team members. As a school district, their products/services are education and learning opportunities for students. Their target market is primarily students and families in the Orange County area who are seeking education and learning opportunities. Their unique selling proposition (USP) may include their size as the fourth-largest school district in Florida, the number of schools they have, and their ability to provide education to a large number of students.
The scope of work includes the creation of 12 videos with different themes suitable for children’s age. The videos should be short PSAs, between 30 seconds to 4 minutes long, and cover topics such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and extreme heat. The videos should be modern, informative, fun, and may use humor if appropriate. The project is a new initiative, and there are no existing Bounce! videos. There is no existing curriculum for each topic, and the videos will complement the marketing curriculum. The client would like to use their schools and students in the videos to make them more personal.
Scope of Work Description:
Project Overview:

The video project consists of creating 12 videos based on 12 topics. The project includes script writing, pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery of final videos.

Task Description:
  • Meetings with OCPS: Discussing objectives, strategy, opinions, tasks, revisions, e-mails, calls, etc. (50 hours)
  • Research: Reviewing curriculum, research, interviewing. (60 hours)
  • Writing: Writing of video scripts. (70 hours)
  • Video Pre-Production, Production/Animation: Coordination, set-up, breakdown, recording, directing, animation. (200 hours)
  • Equipment Rental: Depending on third-party. (50 hours)
  • Voice Overs/Actors: Voice overs for animation or actors. (40 hours)
  • Music/Images/Software: Purchase of rights and use. (100 hours)
  • Video Editing: Editing of video and saving/delivering final versions. (50 hours)
The grand total for the video project is $70,500.
Strategy and Execution:
Project Manager Assignment:
A project manager was assigned to oversee the project from start to finish. This person served as the main point of contact between the client and the production team. Vinali Staffing was initially assigned the contract for the Project Manager Assignment. However, IDX.Marketing was later awarded the contract as a partner and executor for creative, editing, pre-production, post-production, casting, and other related tasks. Both companies collaborated to ensure the success of the project and met all the requirements according to the client’s expectations. Their joint efforts resulted in the project being delivered within the specified timeframe and budget, while meeting the highest standards of quality.
Meeting Schedule:
Scheduled meetings were held with the client to discuss project objectives, strategy, opinions, tasks, revisions, emails, calls, etc. These meetings were conducted regularly throughout the project, and the project manager took detailed notes and circulated them to the production team.
60 hours were allocated for research, which included reviewing curriculum, conducting research, and conducting interviews. This step was crucial to ensure that the videos were informative and accurate.
Script Writing:
70 hours were allocated for script writing. The script was written in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. During the script writing phase, our team collaborated with Patti Winstanley from “Winstanley Consultants” and Diane Sears from Di-Verse-Media. They brought their expertise and creativity to the project, ensuring that the scripts were well-written and engaging for the target audience. Their contributions were invaluable in making this project a success.
200 hours were allocated for pre-production, which included coordination, setup, breakdown, recording, directing, and animation. The pre-production phase was critical to ensure that everything was prepared for production.
200 hours were allocated for production, which involved filming the videos. The production team followed the script and ensured that the videos were of high quality.
50 hours were allocated for post-production, which included video editing and saving/delivering the final versions. This phase involved polishing the videos and adding final touches.
40 hours were allocated for voice-overs or actors, adding another layer of professionalism to the videos.
100 hours were allocated for music/images/software. It was important to purchase the rights to use music, images, and software to avoid any copyright infringement issues.
Equipment Rental:
50 hours were allocated for equipment rental if the production team needed to rent equipment from a third-party.
Quality Assurance:
Ensured that the final videos met the client’s expectations and were of high quality.
The final videos were delivered to the client in the agreed-upon format.
Budget Management:
The project manager managed the project budget and ensured that the project was completed within the allocated budget of $80,000.
Challenges and Solutions:
Challenge 1:
Lack of communication between the video production team and OCPS, resulting in confusion or misaligned expectations.
Clear lines of communication were established, and regular meetings were held between the two parties to ensure everyone was on the same page. The development of a project schedule and regular updates kept everyone informed of progress and upcoming milestones. Project management tools were used to track progress and share updates.
Challenge 2:
Limited availability of equipment and resources could cause production delays.
A thorough inventory of all necessary equipment and resources was conducted before the project began, identifying any potential shortages or bottlenecks. Advanced planning was done, and measures were taken to rent or acquire additional equipment and resources if necessary.
Challenge 3:
Difficulty in finding suitable voice actors or performers.
Clear criteria were established for the type of voice actor needed, and a voice-over agency was hired to find suitable candidates. Thorough auditions were conducted, and candidates were carefully examined to ensure they met the necessary requirements. Clear communication was maintained with the talent, and a detailed brief was provided to ensure they understood the project’s objectives and requirements.
Challenge 4:
Budget limitations and unforeseen expenses.
A detailed budget was created at the beginning of the project, which included a contingency fund for unforeseen expenses. Comprehensive expense tracking was conducted throughout the project, and necessary adjustments were made to stay within the budget. As a result, an additional video could be produced.
Results and Impact:
The videos produced for OCPS were used throughout the entire school year as part of the educational program to teach students about various subjects. The videos proved to be an effective tool in enhancing student engagement and understanding of the subjects. The use of visuals and animations in the videos helped to explain complex concepts in a simplified and easy-to-understand manner, making learning more enjoyable for students.
The videos also helped to standardize the curriculum across different schools in the district, ensuring that all students received the same level of education regardless of their location. This helped to create a more equitable and fair learning environment for all students.
Furthermore, the videos helped to reduce the workload of teachers by providing them with a comprehensive resource that they could use to supplement their lessons. This enabled teachers to focus on other important aspects of their teaching, such as assessing student progress and providing individualized support.
Overall, the use of videos in the educational program had a positive impact on student learning and engagement, and helped to create a more efficient and effective learning environment for both students and teachers.
The budget for this job was $80,000, which allowed us to deliver high-quality videos that met the educational needs of OCPS students. Despite the challenges faced during the project, the results and impact of the videos were significant and proved to be a valuable addition to the school’s curriculum for the entire school year. The investment in the project was well worth it, and we are proud to have contributed to the education of OCPS students.
The video project was extensive and time-consuming, spanning a total of 9 months. Our team worked diligently to ensure that each video met the highest quality standards and accurately conveyed the desired messages to OCPS students. Throughout the 9 months, we maintained close communication with OCPS to ensure the smooth progress of the project and resolve any issues that arose.
Creative Assets:
For the Creative Assets, we are pleased to inform you that the final product is now available and can be accessed through the following link:
The playlist includes all 12 videos that were produced as part of the project, covering the 12 different topics that were agreed upon. We believe that the videos turned out to be very informative and engaging, and we hope that they will serve their intended purpose of educating the students on the selected subjects.
Customer Personas:
School Administrators:
They are responsible for decision-making and approving the budget and project. They seek high-quality educational content that engages and educates their students.
The videos will be used in classrooms, so it’s important to consider the needs and preferences of the teachers who will be showing them to their students. They look for age-appropriate videos that are easy to understand and visually appealing.
The students, who are the ultimate recipients of the videos, seek interesting, engaging, and informative content. The videos should be designed to hold their attention and encourage them to learn more about the topics covered in them.
Parents will also be interested in the videos as they want to know what their children are learning at school. The videos should be accessible and suitable for the whole family, so parents can watch them with their children and discuss the content together.
In conclusion, this video project was a success in terms of meeting the client’s objectives and producing high-quality educational videos. The project involved extensive collaboration and coordination between our team and the client’s representatives, and we were able to deliver the final product within the allotted time frame and budget.
Through this project, we were able to showcase our expertise in scriptwriting, video production, animation, and post-production. We were also able to leverage our experience in the education sector to create videos that were engaging, informative, and aligned with the client’s curriculum and learning objectives.
Furthermore, the client was satisfied with the results and impact of the videos, which were used throughout the school year to educate their students on different subjects. The positive feedback and outcomes demonstrate the value and effectiveness of using video as a medium for education and learning.
Overall, this project was a rewarding experience for our team, and we are proud to have been a part of it. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with OCPS and other organizations to create innovative and impactful educational content.
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