How to use Topic Clusters for your content strategy?

Topic Clusters are a great way to organize marketing content for blogs and websites, learn how to use them to boost web traffic.As we have mentioned in the previous article, the organization of your website has a high impact on the positioning that the pages get, when displayed in search engine results.

What are Topic Clusters?

Topic Clusters are a group of marketing topics that comprise multiple pieces of content grouped by a shared main topic, and which are connected to each other through related subtopics.

Strategies for building successful leads

Having quality leads is the most important objective in most marketing campaigns. Learn about 5 essential actions to get leads and the importance of 360 marketing in your digital strategy.

Types of web and social media content to increase engagement

Content strategy today has become one of the key factors when positioning brands. We are not only talking about web content, but also about social networks that help to spread brand messages, connect with your target audience and, most importantly, communicate in the most strategically interesting way for the business.

Restyling, or how to refresh and modernize your brand for quick and concrete results

Restyling is basically a refresh of the brand, most usually, the brand’s logo and superficial aesthetic aspects of the brand. That’s pretty much it, in its most basic, straightforward definition. However, since the logo is a main aspect of differentiation and awareness for the brand, restyling must be executed carefully, and it’s not as simple as changing colors or font types.