Coronavirus: What Marketing Actions to Take to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Recently, with the appearance of the coronavirus around the world, the productive apparatus has been partially paralyzed.

However, the presence of COVID-19 does not mean that marketing actions have to stop. On the contrary: The current times represent a time to do branding and make the brand re-evaluate its strategies in the market.

How to make my company survive the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has reached America and with it the market has contracted. that’s a fact! The situation of partial paralysis of the economy and restriction of social interaction has affected us significantly at all levels.

However, it is in moments of crisis when opportunities arise and it is now when there are more strategies to help us get ahead.

1-Keep calm and analyze the circumstances

In a crisis situation, the most important thing is to stay focused and analyze with a cool head what can and cannot be controlled, in order to know how to act.

We already know that Florida is one of the states with the highest number of cases and the culture of our region is closely related to outdoor activities, socialization, meetings and recreation.

This means that the brands that produce objects related to these activities are severely affected. However, it is not a reason to disappear from the minds of consumers, but rather to become their allies, staying in their minds and offering quality content so that they come to them when the time is right.

For example, brands that offer health-related services have the great advantage of providing content that links the activities that can be done during quarantine and associate them with issues of mental health, recreation, as well as the importance of having a first-aid kit aid or a comprehensive insurance policy at home.

2-Do not let fear paralyze you, observe and act

The experts say it well: It is in crises that the best opportunities arise. You just calm down, sit down and analyze the surroundings.

Think about it, maybe this is a good time to rethink your marketing strategies, analyze what your product offers, how you are approaching the public and how you can take advantage of digital marketing tools to stay in the minds of your clients and potential clients.

Do not disappear, do branding campaigns while you analyze how to reinvent ways to get closer, to create promotions and to show solidarity with your environment. It is in these moments when customers look at what a brand is made of, every step you take will be watched, even if you do not take care of showing it … in times of the Internet there is nothing hidden.

Take it this way: The climate is changing, your company sells air conditioning systems and people cannot leave their homes, the demand for these equipment will increase considerably. However, there will surely be an exit and transit restriction. What should you do? Start building your stock, update your virtual store, design a strategy so that people remember that you exist and that you have technicians available to assist them as soon as possible. SEO is essential right now.

3-Do not stop having a presence in the market, adapt your message to the circumstances

We have just said it, the situation caused by the coronavirus is a good time to rethink how we address the public, how we are going to make our products and services stay in the minds of consumers and users and how we rethink our offer.

Taking into account that social and economic relations, you can:

  • Update your website.
  • Update your database and marketing strategy.
  • Offer products and services in your e-commerce.
  • Notify your customers of news through e-mailing and social media.
  • Think about how to transfer your offer of products and services to digital platforms, either for attention or to generate experiences of associated services.

4-Redesign your business plan and marketing plan

Just because the market is a little slower due to the coronavirus does not mean that you should stop your operations, but that you can take the time to analyze how everything is changing, come up with new scenarios and new responses.

Think about how circumstances can become opportunities to rethink your business and how you promote it to your audience. You can even think of other ways to present offers.

See how teleworking and digital transformation have accelerated, as well as niche markets (such as delivery and online education) have been strengthened. The restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues, particularly, have an exceptional opportunity to reinvent themselves.

5-Go to specialists, coronavirus is an opportunity

Do not know where to start? It is logical, you are a specialist in your business. As a good businessman, you know that it is best to leave everything in the hands of specialists. Let us put together your digital marketing plan so that you can survive this completely strengthened coronavirus crisis.