“When building a skyscraper make sure to build a solid foundation that wil be able to sopport it.

IDX creates designs with this very principle. We never lose focus on the end results but make sure that every brick we build is essential to exceed your expectation.”
Pablo Rendic Olivieri
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About us

At Imagine Digital eXpressions (IDX), we want to become the main source of digital and marketing needs of every potential client. We founded the company in January 2015 with one important idea: all companies should have a marketing partner that will help them create and implement their branding.

Ever since we have grown exponentially by achieving the best results for our clients.
With offices in Florida, USA, and abroad, we have evolved into a multinational digital and marketing service provider focusing our efforts on acquiring the greatest talent to provide the best service to our partners.

Our services include all the digital marketing support for your company, focusing on branding, website design, and search engine positioning. Our goal is to quickly exceed your expectations and to provide a lasting service that you can measure with results.

With such high goals and constant achievement, we stand by our slogan:
We Make It Possible.

Our vision:
“Imagine Digital eXpressions team seeks to be recognized as a prestigious diverse business enterprise in Florida, providing the clients we serve with the best digital and marketing services that catalyze the success of their brand.”
Our mission:
“Our Mission is to provide a high-quality digital and marketing services through talent, skills, good attitude, dedication, and professionalism, that would empower our clients to achieve more with their brand.”