Imagination Director
Project Director

Our Imagination Director & Project Director have nurtured herself from many areas of learning throughout her professional formation: Administration, Education, Culture, Psycho-pedagogy, and even Food Market. This mixture of knowledge allowed her to adapt to any eventuality and to develop all her abilities. We have no doubt that her best skills are planning and organization. For this reason, we are pleased to have her in the IDX.Marketing team, since she is an efficient and well-prepared person. When we knew her, we were very excited to confirm that she is someone with initiative, dedicated, willing to give more than just necessary to obtain the best results.

Our Imagination Director & Project Director deeply love family bonds. She admires, above all, her father, who shaped her and who always made her think beyond the obvious. Thanks to him, she relates to all people on the same level, learning from them the bad and the good. We know that she is an empathetic and collaborative person, always attentive to the details. We are proud to have her on the IDX.Marketing team.

“Live and let live.”