Imagination Consultant

Our Imagination Consultant & Web Designer began his professional career as a Developer and Web Creator; a position that always was an inspiration because it allowed him to complement and improve his abilities, both personal and professional. We can affirm that he is a tenacious and passionate person, very systematic with every project he carries. Many qualities describe him: proactive, collaborative, creative... Fernando has been a great talent for the IDX.Marketing team. And we are sure that he will continue offering the best possible work, always learning, always progressing, with the confidence and dedication that characterize him.

Our Imagination Consultant & Web Designer revealed that when he was little, he dreamed of seeing the Earth and the sun from space, that is, he wanted to be an astronaut. Maybe that dream has a lot to do with his particular passions, which do not involve being behind a screen, for example, doing extreme sports, traveling to unknown places, and sharing experiences with different people. This great adventurer wants to be remembered as a good friend and a good person worthy of admiration. From the beginning, we have been proud to have him on the IDX.Marketing team.

“There is no victory without sacrifice.”