Imagination Developer

President & CEO Digital Marketing Manager with more than 11 years of experience planning, controlling and managing advertising activities for various marketing campaigns that include: identification of goals and objectives of each project; evaluating promotional strategies and customer needs; Rendic Olivieri focuses on providing services with solutions and marketing programs; performing managerial tasks such as monitoring profitability, results, deadlines and budgets, as well as supporting the development of a team and guaranteeing quality customer service that meets the goals and objectives.

Currently, Rendic Olivieri is Media Production Program Manager for OneBlood, HCCMO Ambassador, Prospera USA Provider for the Branding Kit Grant, and Vice President of Communications for the Board of Directors of the Four Corners Group of the Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce.

Other recognitions include two Tally Awards and a Communicator Awards, thanks to his great expertise in marketing, graphic design, and film and television. To describe his best ability, it is necessary to talk about his incredible empathy. Understanding and listening to the needs of customers are essential to avoid frustrations and offer the best opportunities, always providing a true service, with the confidence and quality they deserve. “I do not want our team to only see IDX as a job, but as a career in which they can always aspire to achieve more, learn.”

Our Imagination Developer, President & CEO is an extremely passionate, talented, creative, communicative, and determined person. Qualities that he also sees in his role models: Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.We have no doubt that Pablo’s great superpower, empathy, is given thanks to the motivation that these characters inspire him. And, as a curious fact, we find it interesting that, when he was a child, he wanted to be an actor. Perhaps that symbolizes the synchronization that must be achieved with the other, putting yourself in someone else's shoes. We know that the future of IDX.Marketing will be as strong and solid as Pablo.

“We make it possible.”