How to reinforce customer service on digital channels and social media

Social media and digital channels are increasingly common venues for customers to request or receive customer service, so it’s necessary to make them work to retain the customer.

Nowadays social media presence is indispensable for running a business in the modern world. Not only it allows customers to locate the business and know about its offerings, it’s also a widely used channel for customer support. And it’s as easy for businesses to fail at online customer support, as it is for mistreated customers to post bad reviews and ratings for your business. Meanwhile, increasing the relationship with the customer and interacting with them through the channels in which they find themselves increases customer loyalty, satisfaction and even the likelihood of purchase.

So, let’s take a look at a few tips that can help your business stand out in customer service, increasing the chances of your company being recommended to others and avoiding negative reactions.

  1. Your team must be prepared. The customer service team in social networks is the one that will face the consumers. This makes it necessary to be well prepared to meet their needs on time and have all the digital bases covered. Make sure they know your product and processes as well as if they were providing support in person, and maybe even better.
  2. Reinforce the service on customers’ preferred channels. Knowing the target audience also means knowing what type of social channels they use to access us. The brand must be present on the right ones to be available when the consumer needs it. In addition, it is essential to share careful content and offer positive experiences, to generate engagement on the networks and build lasting connections.
  3. Be next to the customers at all stages. From product search and purchase, to sending a support request, it is important that we are there at every stage of the customer’s journey. This way, we make sure that any questions are answered and provide them with the information they need to have an optimal experience. Delivering customer care through messaging applications opens a wide variety of options for personalization, speeding up transactions with automation flows, and even bots can be used to handle high volumes of queries.
  4. Go for large scale personalization. There comes a time when it becomes difficult to respond individually to all messages and emails, especially when they are repeated. Handling complaints, claims or deliveries wastes the team’s most valuable time, which is reaching the public with personalized messages. For customers it is essential, apart from being attended to, that this attention is directed towards each of them in particular. In this sense, automation and bots are perfect. Configuring these tools for the most common queries will help workers manage volume, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and gather key information.
  5. Use data to generate value. Attention must be paid to the knowledge obtained from the analysis of customer service interactions on social networks. Collecting, analyzing and measuring that knowledge is important to obtain information that will also help us to offer a better response.