Digital Ecosystem: Why social media is not a substitute for a website

If you use social media to make your business visible and encourage your digital audiences to interact, you are off to a great start. Now it’s time to strengthen the digital ecosystem with a website in order to consolidate trust and generate leads

Digital ecosystem: How a website feeds on social networks and vice versa

Social media creates visibility, but a professional website builds relationships and sales. Used together, social media and a website create a powerful internet presence.

On the one hand, social media appeals to your digital audience and a professional website provides the space to demonstrate what your brand, product or service has to offer, deepen engagement, and achieve your marketing goals.

5 advantages of the digital ecosystem in digital marketing strategy

Tell your story

Engage with your user to sell your brand, service or product without selling it directly. One way to do this is to demonstrate your experience with specific cases in which your digital audiences could be reflected or in which they find solutions to their problems.

You can post attractive headlines to get attention and redirect them to your website, and once there, the user experience (UX) can complement the marketing actions depending on the level of the sales funnel you are in.

Improve your credibility

Businesses with their own websites automatically look more professional and trustworthy, they give the feeling that they exist and that they were not created in just minutes.

SEO: Position yourself in search engines

Social networks improve search rankings, as they encourage the exchange of information between users, although an adequate digital budget is usually required to generate visibility and reach.

Search engines like Google and Bing rank highly for websites that are linked on social media platforms like Facebook. This means that a good SEO strategy can attract an interested social media viewer and turn them into an engaged audience member.

Get subscribers

You can generate valuable content on your website and promote it on social media. In addition, you can generate registration forms to create your own user database through the use of e-mailing or electronic newsletters. So you will always have remembrance and positioning.

Get more information about your audience

While social media engagement provides a great insight into audience habits and preferences, website analytics broadens data collection in important ways.

Social networks and websites allow you to capture data from your users by inserting pixels, cookies and pop-up forms.