5 business models for e-commerce that are excellent for the new reality of COVID-19

Digital transformation is a constant and imminent process that has accelerated with the new reality of COVID-19. In particular, we are living in a moment in which we can take advantage of the crisis to consolidate our ventures through e-commerce, a sector that is not very mature but that is consolidating.

E-commerce: 5 business models to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis

The commercial sector is in full growth and opportunities abound, you just have to capture the insights and the needs of people to transform them into something capitalizable.

Now, depending on how income is generated or how the commercial exchange is carried out, business models in the e-commerce field can be divided into:

Online store (E-commerce) with own products

It is the most classic business model, a store transferred to the e-commerce space, with mostly digital means of payment, although there is also the traditional payment-on-delivery option, for those who are still a little suspicious.

An online store or e-commerce in general has the same characteristics as a physical store but with the advantage of being able to attend 24/7. In general, the platforms that they use the most are Shopify and WooCommerce, although Facebook is beginning to capitalize on social marketing through the incorporation of catalogs in the fanpages of its own platform, Instagram stores and WhatsApp catalogs that connect with the stores. on-line.


A marketplace is a kind of online shopping center. It is a platform where different sellers or online stores have their spaces to offer their products or services.

In general, the marketplace earns a commission for each sale, although it can also charge an amount to host your space or stand out in searches.

Some examples of marketplaces are:


Dropshipping is a digital business model that is becoming more and more popular, as it involves reducing costs associated with storage and management of merchandise. Your virtual store only takes care of digital marketing and customer service.

In the eyes of the client, you are managing an e-commerce, but you are only an intermediary: You do not manipulate the product but your supplier sends it directly to your client as if it had been your store that did it.

Affiliate e-commerce

It is a step back in the e-commerce model, as your online store is increasingly moving away from the customer and the product. The commission is only generated when you make a sale from a tracked link, usually to Amazon. It is not a bad , it is simply different.

Examples? The Biodegradable website with the promotion of ecological products is a great one.business model

Memberships and affiliations

Memberships are a digital business model that seeks to maintain a fixed customer through an affiliation that allows them to obtain products with benefits and discounts under the promise that they will have a fixed product or service. Generally under the automatic debit option, like a kind of club.

Some of the online stores that operate under this business model are: Degusta Box and Birch Box, although it also applies to services, such as digital academies, such as Platzi. Of course, content generators are also often grouped together on platforms like Patreon to develop their entrepreneurship.

Residual earnings

It is a digital business model in which products are not offered but services. The profit consists of publishing a course, workshop or talk and earning each time it is “sold” (downloaded).

It is usually used by coaches, astrologers, sports coaches, consultants, etc. and it also serves as a tool for self-promotion. Some examples of this: Domestika, Cyclical Woman.

Of course, there are cases in which different business models can be combined in a single space. For example, although Amazon started as an e-commerce for its own items, it also operates as a marketplace and dropshipping, since several merchants have set up their online stores. Likewise, Mia Astral offers memberships, has residual earnings and also has a store for physical and digital products.

If you found it interesting, share this information, remember that the more the digital and entrepreneurship ecosystem is strengthened, the more we will all earn. Let us become your ally and give your business a boost!