How to make the best ecommerce web development?

At IDX, the marketing agency with the best SEO services in Orlando, Florida, we want you to have the best ecommerce web development. That is why we have created this article to explain some of the details involved. Enjoy!

The web design of an online store is one of the first and decisive phases that retailers must face. The aspect that ecommerce will have is fundamental to its success and profitability. Poorly website design with errors will not give the user confidence. On the contrary, with a clean, attractive, and effective website, we will have already made the first step: the consumer will like what he sees.

Some retailers have notions of website design and opt for the “do it yourself” way. But in most cases, we should have a professional in the sector if we look for a professional image. For any questions, remember that at IDX.Marketing we are here to help you.

When deciding on a website design we must consider some aspects. The experience of the professional in the ecommerce sector will be key in our choice. The idea is to evaluate a design portfolio to know his style and way of working.

Once the designer is chosen, it is time to submit a design report, known as a briefing, in which all the important points that must be considered when starting the project are specified. It may also be the case that we need a redesign of our website to update or modernize it. In both cases, the report is the appropriate way to plan the design of our website always in communication with the designer to ensure that our ecommerce project is profitable.

What should the briefing of our online store contain?

General information about the store:

Including the area of ​​activity, products that it sells, businesses of the competition and types of consumers to whom we are going. If we are redesigning the website, we must provide a link to the previous online store as well as a list of errors or changes that we want to make.

Logo and corporate style:

It is possible that we have not yet decided on both aspects. It is a phase prior to website design and of extraordinary importance. Once the logo and corporate style are designed, it is difficult to change it since it is usually interpreted as a sample of commercial weakness.

The content of the store:

At the time of delivering the design report to the designer, we must also have prepared the images, texts, banners, and other elements that we want to include in the web. The idea is to shorten as much as possible the phase ‘under construction’.

Selecting the sales platform:

PrestaShop and Magento are the most popular ecommerce platforms. If we have not decided yet, it’s time. We also need to decide the architecture. What categories and subcategories do we want to include in our online store? Keep in mind that these aspects can be modified on the fly, but the designer should have all the information from the beginning to accelerate the process and avoid misunderstandings.

Structure of the homepage:

We must consider what are the essential elements for customers and what is the best formula to position them. At this point, the designer should also give his opinion and advice based on his experience. In addition, we must provide the designer with a complete map of the website as well as additional pages such as frequently asked questions, history, conditions, etc.

If we clearly specify these eight points to the designer, his work will be easier. The objective of a design report, starting from scratch or to redesign an online store, is to offer the designer a plan to do his work efficiently in the shortest time possible. If our ecommerce web development has an attractive and usable disposition, we will be closer to our goal: to achieve profitability for our online store.