We got our minority Certification with the Florida Department of Management Services renewed today.

This is very important to do as a company. We have had many opportunities by becoming a minority certified.

February 24, 2021

Dear Pablo Rendic Olivieri:

Congratulations! Your certification for a woman-, veteran- and/or minority owned Florida business enterprise has been reviewed, is granted and hereby effective for a period of two years from today’s date. Please take some time to review the Office of Supplier Diversity’s section of the website at http://www.dms.myflorida.com/osd to learn more about the benefits of being certified; how to do business with the state, regional and local government; OSD regional events; mentor and loan programs for CBEs and more. Our team is here to help your business succeed as a Florida CBE.

Your business entity’s state certification, designated as HISPANIC AMERICAN, is relevant when providing the following goods and/or services to the agencies or businesses that hire you.

  • 80141501 – Marketing analysis
  • 80141505 – Marketing plans
  • 80141606 – Direct marketing fulfillment
  • 80141612 – Sales or marketing programs
  • 80141618 – Sales marketing agencies including print
  • 80141630 – Direct marketing print service
  • 80151505 – Multinational marketing enterprises
  • 80171600 – Publicity and marketing support services
  • 80171603 – Publicity and marketing advisory service

If, or when your business should supply other products or services, the contracting entity will not get credit for their Certified Business Enterprise participation in that business transaction. Therefore, it is important to most accurately select the commodity codes associated with all products, goods and services your business can provide. You can review these codes in MyFloridaMarketPlace.com.

As a state Certified Business Enterprise, you are encouraged to actively bid in the participating state purchasing programs.. Some of the participating entities have certification eligibility criteria unique to those of the reciprocal certification network. As a result, some program offices may ask you to submit additional documentation before you are eligible to bid as a CBE with that jurisdiction or organization. Please contact that organization directly with questions about their requirements for eligibility.

Florida laws require that the Office of Supplier Diversity be advised of any and all changes in the company’s status occurring within 14 days of the transfer of ownership or change in management or ownership taking place. This law is applicable throughout the effective certification dates.

Questions concerning your CBE certification may be directed to the Office of Supplier Diversity at (850) 487-0915 or email us at OSDhelp@dms.myflorida.com.”


Florida Department of Management Services
Office of Supplier Diversity 4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 380G
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950