Imagination Strategist

Our Imagination Strategist & General Manager has worked in several important positions related to Management, where he has been in charge of more than 100 employees, organizing, controlling, and directing all aspects of the business, which allowed him to expand his knowledge in various areas such as Administration, Human Resources, and Logistics. Now, in the IDX.Marketing team, he manages to specialize in Advertising and Marketing, aspects that really excite him. We can describe his best work skills with three words: organization, analysis, and planning. We know that he is a reliable, respectful, and humble person, worthy of belonging to the IDX.Marketing team.

Our Imagination Strategist & General Manager sees in Nelson Mandela a role model, whose qualities allowed him to break the barriers of hatred and pain, to foster faith in humanity. He also confessed that he loves to read and write. In fact, his dream is to be a writer. It does not surprise us because we know that he is someone very cultured and prepared, an excellent communicator,always motivated to do everything with the best quality. We will look forward to reading his books. We are grateful to have him on the IDX.Marketing team.

“All I know is that I know nothing.”