Senior Graphic Designer

Our Imagination Producer & Senior Graphic Designer had the opportunity to work in companies that provided him knowledge on Graphic Design, Branding, and Product Development, separately. In IDX.Marketing he found a space where he can strengthen and apply this knowledge at the same time, always focused on providing the best possible results, contributing ideas, and motivating the development and improvement. Four words that would define him professionally are responsible, precise, logical, and self-critical. Thanks to these aspects we will not be surprised when he fulfills his dream of becoming a great Advertising Art Director.

Our Imagination Producer & Senior Graphic Designer feels a lot of admiration towards his parents because they were the ones who taught him that life is not simple, that things are achieved with effort, perseverance, and dedication, and to always be strong. His artistic abilities are also reflected in drawing and painting, innate talents in him. He also told us that he wants to be remembered as a dedicated, responsible person who looks for personal and professional development as a whole, not before having traveled throughout his country and then around the world. His participation in the IDX.Marketing team is more than valued.

“The results you get are in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”