Famous logos and hidden characteristics:

Many famous logos were created by "big-time" designers, advertisers, and psychologists to dream up creative logos that convey an image you might not initially see.
This is one of the most famous examples graphic designe's use to show the complexity a "simple" logo can carry. Notice how in between the "E" and the "X" there is an "Arrow" in the negative space. The Arrow moves to the right meaning moving forward, representing speed and precision.
The popular Wendy's logo. See if you can find the word "MOM" in it. Got it? Yes it is on Wendy's collar and it suggests mom's cooking a homemade meal.
Did you know you could have a different flavor of ice cream every day of the month? Well Baskin-Robbins kind of makes it present with their logo. Yes, that is 31 flavors!