Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is the foundation basis and thread that allows advertising campaigns being coherent. A good marketing strategy sets the brand´s road, lets the company know the client and the competition, analyzes the available resources, defines objectives, KPI and goals, and establish routes of action.

By setting a marketing strategy, the company can visualize different stages and forestall situations. A good marketing strategy even prevent crises or anticipate market opportunities and threats.

+ Brand Strategy
- Brand Strategy

This is the path that the brand will take: target audience, what it will communicate and how it will transmit its communicational premise.

+ Brand Building
- Brand Building

Brand Building means providing valuable actions for the target audience of a brand, while telling the story of it. This means that it is a combination between Storytelling and Doing, but in a totally balanced way.

+ Campaign Objectives
- Campaign Objectives

It is about the purposes or statements that a company or brand wants to achieve. They must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound).

+ Lead Generation
- Lead Generation

The leads are the potential and valuable customers that are achieved by reaching an action. Generally leads are captured by filling out forms that allow a second contact to finalize the sale.

+ Conversion Funnels
- Conversion Funnels

The conversion funnel allows you to see where the customer is in the customer journey in order to establish appropriate messages that answer his/her questions and so you can progress in closing the sale and, even better, this client can be a kind of your brand ambassador.

+ Competitive Research
- Competitive Research

It refers to analyzing and monitoring your competitors in various aspects, including their search engine optimization (SEO), social media communication and digital strategy in order to learn from their methods and mistakes.

+ Content Strategy
- Content Strategy

A digital content strategy is a goal-oriented process that assists with your overall marketing efforts. It´s purpose is to provide direction towards an outcome.