Mobile website design tips

When it comes to mobile website design, it is important to think about the usability that it will have. If you have plans to create one, it is important that you consider all these tips below.

Responsive is not the same as an exclusive mobile website design

A responsive website is not the same as a web created for mobile. Responsive web is the same version of the page designed for desks but adapted according to the dimensions of the mobile device to which the user will use. In contrast, a mobile website is a unique design for these devices and is implemented to improve the user experience when browsing the web from mobiles.

Bet on a simple design

Make sure that the user feels comfortable navigating your website and remember that the importance of applying the mobile design is to maximize the experience and make the web as friendly as possible.

Minimalist design is becoming a trend because it only focuses on showing the user what he or she wants. If you have an e-commerce website, you do not want your clients to be distracted when they are in the process of purchasing. This is exactly what the simple design in mobile pages looks for, to make the shopping experience as quick and safe as possible for the client.

Always think about the loading speed of the web

Whether you are running a mobile website or desktop with different designs, you should not ignore the load factors. A good mobile design is not enough if the user needs to wait a long time to be able to access your page because it is overloaded with JavaScript codes or the graphics are very heavy. Use a web hosting to create a high-performance mobile web page that accelerates the loading time.

Do not forget the search engines

In recent months we have seen how search engines like Google have given greater relevance to pages that have not only a responsive version of its desktops designs but also present a better mobile experience to its users. You may wonder how do search engines know if a page has a good web design for mobile… Well, they know it through user behavior when browsing the mobile webpage. For example, the time they take on the web, if they navigate to other sections of the page, how many interactions they perform, etc.

Use the right fonts and color combinations

Do not exaggerate with colors, use a combination of colors according to your brand and generate harmony with the type of source and navigation of the site. If you want to create a mobile website, use a font that looks good on each of the devices and that makes users stay longer on your website because all the elements make them feel comfortable navigating on your site.

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