IDX.Marketing Provider for Prospera “Branding Kit” Grant

This Branding Kit is a GRANT that Prospera awards to small business enterprises and start-up!

We have helped many companies to launch or relaunch their brand and adding value to their companies. Thanks to the help from Prospera USA, you can have the benefit to obtain our services at no cost to you!

To qualify, you must contact Prospera USA and “apply for a grant

See actual samples of our branding kit by clicking HERE

“Prospera business grants allow start-ups and existing businesses to receive professional business development services at no cost to them. Prospera can award clients, based on individual needs and opportunities, grants for subcontracted services delivered by subject matter experts and vetted by Prospera staff and volunteers.” -Prospera

See the details of the grant below:


Purpose: To ensure that Prospera clients have a professional and unique corporate branding that will enable them to promote their companies and increase their likelihood of success. The grant will provide basic branding tools to create or enhance consistency in the business’ image through its collateral marketing materials.


Initial Consultation: Analyze current business image, branding materials and needs through an initial written assessment.

Client will have the option to select only three (3) of the following pieces with the guidance of Prospera’s provider and business consultant:

• Company Logo: Minimum of two (2) options of original designs and client will select one (1). After preferred logo is selected, there will be up to three (3) rounds of edits/changes allowed.

• Business card design template ready to print.

• Flyer design and content ready to print.

• Brochure design and content ready to print. A brochure for the purposes of this grant will be a promotional document, primarily used to introduce the company and its products or services to prospective customers. Based on the provider’s assessment of the client, the brochure may be bi-fold, tri-fold or a related format.

• Set-up, basic design, and suggested posting plan for one (1) social media platform to increase online brand exposure. Client will have the option to select the social media platform based on the provider’s and business consultant’s recommendations. The posting plan will be a brief outline of suggested frequency, tone and type of postings.

Final Consultation: Review of final branding materials and delivery of files in low resolution .jpg, high resolution .jpg, clear background .png, .eps, .tif and .pdf, including an explanation of when it is appropriate to use each file type. Provider will make suggestions on additional collateral materials as needed.


• Client will provide the content needed. Provider should give recommendations to the client regarding content and ensure proper spelling and grammar.

• The client may provide their own images. If usage rights for additional photos, videos or other images need to be purchased, the client is responsible for covering the cost after prior discussion with the provider.

• Client must have basic knowledge on using the selected social media platform and will be responsible for maintaining it after completion of this grant.

• Provider may recommend additional services that could be beneficial for the client at a discounted price. The client will be responsible for paying the provider for additional services received outside the services covered by this grant.

• Upon grant completion, the final products produced by the provider, including but not limited to the materials described in this document, will be owned in its entirety by the client.