My website or blog has been hacked?

WordPress has become the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet. Its architecture based on PHP and MySQL databases has allowed
thousands of developers to freely contribute to the project, making it one of the best Open Source software on the market for over 16 years. This means that most of the
websites and blogs around the world are made with WordPress.

It is estimated that approximately 30% of web pages and blogs worldwide are made with WordPress, and also, that of the 100 most important Internet pages, 14.7% are
developed with WordPress.

WordPress: Why is the most wanted?

Such popularity has turned the prestigious platform into the focus of attention of hackers and crackers around the world, who are constantly trying to violate the security codes of WordPress in order to please their egos, sabotage the competition, commit scams or just impulse their commercial needs.

Fortunately this has not been a dealbreaker for big names to bet on WordPress to develop their websites and blogs. Companies such as BBC, Bloomberg, Sony Music, TechCrunch, The Walt Disney Company, Facebook Newsroom, Chicago Sun Times and many more have delegated to WordPress the power to manage and publish their content on the web.

This represents a great endorsement for the platform, and it is worth saying that it deserves it because the benefits offered by WordPress are almost endless, being its cutting-edge technology in constant evolution and under development in order to improve its look-a-like and functions.

The aforementioned, combined with many other virtues, far exceeds the potential vulnerabilities that the software may have when it is not constantly monitored…and this this lack of monitoring is very unusual: developers are always updating their malware databases.

Is my website or blog hacked?

Sometimes your website or blog is under attack and we don’t know it’s infected. Check out if has some of the symptoms and if you detect one is time to go urgently for professional aid:

Sometimes all the website or blog must reboot and it means losing ranking at Google, and Bing, losing all the content, losing all the SEO, losing all the database and losing your reputation. Don´t wait until this happens, protect and optimize your website and blog from the beginning. Contact us now.

Hire trained professionals at a fair price

Throughout our professional career as a WordPress developers we have seen many cases like this, and we have had to help our clients by removing the feet of the mud in countless cases.

We are convinced that there are a number of basic security rules that must be taken into account when you have a WordPress site. We previously mentioned having the system, plugins and themes must be constantly updated.

However, it is also important to use security software, SSL certificates, uninstall plugins that have not been updated for at least the last 6 months, and having a secure login and password.

We could also say that that represents only the tip of the Iceberg because website’s security is a constant job. We always must always be

alert and monitoring frequently in order to identify any possible attack as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes it may be too late, and you may already be a victim of malicious code injection, phishing, brute force attacks, server attacks, etc. It can be more or less serious, but in all those cases it will be a headache since you lose control of your website and your contents, loose time, loose money and fear is imminent.

This is when you decide to find a professional company to solve the problem. If this is your case, look no further, contact us and we can surely help you rescue your WordPress from the grip of hackers and crackers. Let us help you build up a professional website perfectly protected, always updated and that lets you concrete successful