Strategies for the hispanic market as an SEO company in USA – Part II

As an SEO company in the United States, taking care of the Hispanic market really matters. Let’s take a look:

SEO in Spanish and international traffic

One thing you should know about SEO in Spanish is that it will give your website in the United States a considerable flow of international traffic, which can be good or bad, depending on whether or not your business is designed for it. If you do not want to receive that traffic, make sure that your website in Spanish is able to locate the user’s IP to tell the user that your page sells exclusively in the United States.

But on the other hand, the arrival of traffic from other countries indicates that your website is well optimized for search engines. So, why not taking advantage of the work already done to set foot in a market of 2.6 trillion dollars?

Design SEO by countries

Expanding the business to other countries requires more localization work, but a well-planned SEO for the Hispanic market within the United States is a great way to start the international branch of your business. Make sure you have a professional team of native or bilingual writers and translators that produce quality marketing content optimized for SEO.

Another advice: Optimize SEO in Spanish, country by country. There is much to be said about the so-called “neutral Spanish”. In short, it is an artifice of linguists very useful to connect with the Hispanic world but can be improved when time and budget allows. It is worth the effort to address specific audiences using their idioms, their localisms, and even their private jokes. The key to success can lie in something as simple as responding to the expectations of your different audiences with content that works as if it were written for them from the start.

Connect with your target audience

The real advantage of using Spanish when you want to conquer a highly bilingual audience is the ability to connect with them. Now, if you want the public to perceive that signal of closeness that we talked about before, it is important to convince you that, in one language or another, you speak the same language.

In case your original site is in English, or you generate content in that language, investing in a good translation is basic to be loved by the public as well as by the search engines. There is an important part of the work that many translators skip. When they locate a web page devoted to e-commerce, they have to do their own research of keywords, because translating is not enough. If they let the original intention of the search be distorted, they lose time. One more reason to have professionals who are also familiar with marketing and new technologies.