5 tips to boost digital marketing in times of coronavirus

Thousands of entrepreneurs have been affected by the temporary closure of their businesses before the forty general established by the Government due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Although these are difficult times, this situation could represent a good opportunity to enhance the digital marketing of your business. It is time to think of new ways to promote the business and interact with the public.

How to boost digital marketing in times of covid-19

Rediscover your audience

The current situation of COVID-19 will generate a change in consumer needs and purchasing habits. For this reason, it is important to know their new needs to generate empathy and know how you are going to communicate with them. Listen to them and read them on the different channels to get to know them.

Knowing how they move, what they look for and how they interact on Facebook and Instagram is essential to segment promotions and know how to target the target audience. The better these issues are mastered, the more conversion there will be and the better use of the digital marketing budget.

Promote social networks and points of contact with the client

Today, digital consumption is increasing. YouTube, at the moment, has become a powerful channel to generate content, such as the use of Bumpers Ads (quick and simple advertising).

Likewise, we must adapt to the use of WhatsApp Business, since it will allow direct communication with the client and the generation of catalogs that accelerate the sales processes. These, in turn, will be linked to Facebook and Instagram.

For its part, we must bear in mind that the use of Instagram is extremely important, as it is one of the most used apps of the moment, always remembering that it should only create positive, inspiring and highly visual content.

Of course, you should not forget Facebook, which is still the largest social network and which even functions as an ecosystem that integrates highly segmented social groups, the possibility of bringing them ads directly capturing their browsing habits and searches on the network.

Use of hashtag to have greater visibility

Using this tool allows you to make your brand or product visible and make it easier for it to be found. In addition, it allows you to organize and find comments in the case of contests and campaigns.

Ideally, the hashtag should be composed of a single word or simple phrase, which generates engagement.

Implement e-commerce

If you were still thinking about implementing an e-commerce in the future, don’t think twice, this is the time to do it. This time is the ideal time for building an online store to have good functionality and user experience. Remember that people’s buying habits are changing.

Implementation of SEO – SEM on your website

You need to keep optimizing and improving your website and e-commerce. You must make sure that the pages look, feel and work well and that the client has a positive experience when browsing it, remember that it will be your first evangelizer or detractor.

SEO and SEO strategies work together as a system to facilitate the appearance of your brand or product in search engines such as Google,

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