How to take advantage of Valentine’s for your digital marketing strategy

Valentine’s is a special date that should not go unnoticed in your digital marketing strategy. Not only should the situation be taken advantage of to promote the sale of products and services to couples, but the delivery of details should be promoted among friends and those who want to reaffirm their singleness.

Valentine’s: The best time of the year to boost your sales

Without a doubt, Valentine’s is the ideal time to recover from the low sales in January, which are particularly low due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. That is why we present you some alternatives to boost your e-commerce and add value to your brand.

Create thematic content on your blog

Valuable content will always generate traffic and bring more conversions immediately if it is approached properly. When generating content it is important to keep in mind that:

  • The contents must be related to the search intentions of your users, such as resolution of doubts, generation of solutions.
  • Show the benefits and differentiating factors of your brand, product or service without looking unnatural or invasive.
  • Link the needs of users (in this case, Valentine’s) with your product, brand or service. Ideally, it is a solution to your needs.
  • The ideal is to have strategic partners that handle techniques and tools that allow them to know the public, generate such valuable content in a professional way and measure the effectiveness of the results. If you need help, contact us.

Take advantage of cross purchases in your e-commerce

Don’t settle for selling a single product or service on e-commerce! Take advantage of the opportunity and offer your client more complementary or similar products or services. You can even present promotions for the purchase of a second product or a limited-time offer. The important thing is to try to make the shopping cart come out with additional sales.

Create business alliances

Look for strategic allies with whom you can join to promote your product or service and with whom you can offer cross-selling and promotion beyond your own spaces.

Obviously, this is a tactic that must be done with time, but it will be key for other audiences to know you.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers, do emailing

Remind your customers that they exist and that you have special offers for Valentine’s and even send discount coupons to know which medium was more efficient. Keep in mind that this is a very competitive date, especially in times of pandemic.

Not everything is couples, promote products for friends and singles

Valentine’s is a good time not only for couples, but for groups of friends who go out to enjoy themselves to strengthen their ties or to highlight that they are not part of this celebration. Make special offers for these types of customers, thus ensuring several sales from the same group of people.

What other tactics can you think of for Valentine’s? Contact us, we help you convert visitors into customers