Web hosting, domain name and mail hosting: Know their importance for your business

Web hosting is a service of great relevance in the operation of your website, as a good web hosting service ensures a fast and trouble-free operation for users.

First of all: What is a web server?

A server is a computer that has software installed, which stores files and distributes them on the Internet so that other computers can make use of them.

Its main objective is to provide useful resources for users, such as web storage, e-mail, data protection, among many others.

What is web hosting?

In simple words, web hosting is the physical space that you rent on a web server in which you can save all the information of your website, blog or e-commerce and that allows it to be visible among Internet users.

Web hosting is also known as web storage since all the information of your website, blog or e-commerce is stored there. Imagine a store: The place where it will work is the web hosting, while the server is the building.

There are several types of web hosting that you can access. Each of them is designed to meet the needs of different types of websites.

How does web hosting work?

A web hosting works like a USB memory, its function is to store data. In it, you simply save your documents and it is used for nothing more than to contain the information you want. When you want to use the files stored in your memory, you simply connect them to the computer and open the folder of your interest.

In easy words, web hosting is limited to saving the information of your site.

When a user wants to see the stored information, the Internet looks for that information on the server that stores it and displays the data.

The process is fairly simple. The first step is to click on the page of your interest or type in the search engine the page you want to access. Once you do, the Internet searches for information on the server.

Finally, once the Internet finds all the content on the page, it downloads it to your computer so that you can access it. While it may sound complicated, this entire process takes a matter of seconds.

What is the difference between web hosting, IP address and domain name?

When we talk about web hosting, we refer to the space in which you store all the information of your site, while the domain name is the name that you assign to your website, blog or e-commerce so that users can easily find you and access your contents.

If we talk about IP address, we refer to the “coordinates” of the blog, website or e-commerce. That is the place where it is located on the internet.

Imagine you have a bakery known as “Delicious Bakery”. For users to reach that bakery, we will need to remember their IP address.

But… who can remember Isn’t it easier to type deliciousbakery.com?

That’s where dominance comes in. This not only implies the name, but it is a kind of marquee on the internet that is associated with the IP address (so that users can identify and locate you quickly.

When associated with an IP address, the function of the domain name is to give an identity and make the search much easier for users, since websites, blogs and e-commerce are in an IP address and memorizing them or locating them in another way is difficult.

You can have a domain name without necessarily having a website as if you had a PO Box. This is to give your company identity and image and so that they have a place to receive, send and manage information. We will see that a little later.

Types of web hosting

There are different types of web hosting according to the needs of your business. Let’s see below a list of basic aspects to consider:

Free web hosting

It is the storage service used by certain platforms such as WordPress.com for non-commercial users, usually as a hook to upgrade to the paid web hosting service.

In this case, both the available amount of storage and the functions of the website or blog are much more limited, it is for non-commercial use and there is no possibility of activating monetization through Adsense.

Managed web hosting

Managed web hosting is a service offered by web hosting companies suitable for users without technical knowledge.  In this case, the provider is the owner and is in charge of maintaining and updating the entire technological infrastructure, including web hosting administration.

Its main benefit is that the user does not have to worry about anything and can only dedicate himself to the content, but in return, the price is very high. It is customary in dedicated servers or VPS, but the latest trends also include this service in cloud web hosting.

Shared web hosting and specialized web hosting

Both shared web hosting and specialized web hosting are especially suitable for projects that attract relatively few users and whose owners do not have advanced technical knowledge.

Anyway, keep in mind that a good shared web hosting can support 20,000 users or more per month. In many cases, a good shared web hosting or some specialized web hosting is more than enough, such as WordPress.org, managed and maintained by a specialized provider.

Dedicated and VPS web hosting

For larger projects, such as e-commerce or a news website, both the dedicated server and the VPS (Virtual Private Server) are ideal, since it requires the capacity to receive a lot of traffic, constantly load a lot of information and carry out secure transactions. All this without the need for advanced technical knowledge, although you will always have to perform web maintenance.

A dedicated web hosting involves a physical computer serving a single client and has access to all server resources. On the other hand, a VPS space is shared on the server hardware (a virtual computer), but the client has its resources.

Cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting is the one indicated for those who are more technically advanced and looking for a good value for money. This thanks to the scalability of the services. That is, to the possibility of increasing or decreasing them according to the situation and their needs. It is not recommended for beginners, because the administration can be complicated.

Mail hosting

Although there are companies that offer the possibility of having a personal email account for free, the mail hosting service allows you to register your domain name and have a professional email service.

Mail hosting is advisable for those users who do not want to create a website and what they are looking for is a corporate email type @yourcompany.com. This allows unifying, reinforcing and providing credibility to the identity and image of the organization.

For example, if your company is called “Kissimmee Storages”, having mail web hosting all emails will have the domain name: @kissimmeestorages.com. This is highly recommended when looking to generate an image of seriousness and trust at a business level.

The advantages that this type of storage offers you are very similar to those of the free options, with the difference that the email address will be personalized, you will have more storage space and you will have greater security.

What type of web hosting is best for me?

To decide the type of web hosting you need, first, think about how big you expect your web project to be and your technical knowledge to deal with issues such as managing a website. Depending on these two aspects, you can choose the most suitable web hosting for your needs and your financial budget:

If your website is for a small and medium business or a WordPress blog, usually a shared web hosting or a web hosting specialized in the CMS (Content Management System) that you are going to use is enough.

On the other hand, if instead, you expect many thousands of daily visits, have a website, blog or e-commerce with many pages or if you are going to use a very complex web application, better opt for another type of web hosting.

How to choose the best web hosting option?

The diversity of packages and benefits is very wide and, normally, we feel slightly confused because we are not experts in computer subjects.

Choosing the best web hosting option is not an easy task, since today there is a wide variety of companies that offer different web storage services.

Determining what type of web hosting is the most appropriate for our needs or finding a reliable provider are basic aspects that we must take into account when choosing a good web hosting.

Likewise, we must not ignore the most important technical aspects that must be considered when choosing a web hosting, issues that we have seen in this article and that we will delve into in other deliveries.

So … Why do I have to pay for web hosting, domain name and email annually?

As we mentioned previously, web hosting means web hosting and this because a website, blog or e-commerce is stored or hosted there.

Do not forget that a website, blog or e-commerce is a compendium of folders with related files that contain the functionality, structure and visual design that is downloaded to our devices in an orderly and systematized way.

These folders must always be available on the internet, and that implies that a computer is permanently on. That is why we turn to a web hosting company.

Remember the example of the bakery: There you would keep absolutely everything … and obviously, both the premises and the maintenance cost. The web hosting is stored on a real machine, a physical computer connected to the Internet and its real access address is its IP address (although there are also modalities in the cloud, whose parallelism would be a “ghost kitchen”).

The same is true for post office web hosting, which could be compared to a PO box.

Now, the domain name allows the generation of identity and reference, in addition, it makes searches much easier

As the domain name must be unique worldwide, there must be a registry of all the domain names in the world and management that has an economic cost.

Consequently, to have a website we will need to pay:

  • A web hosting (which will be our machine connected 24 to the Internet).
  • A domain name (our unique name in the world, which serves as a simple reference to reach the address)
  • Email hosting (which will serve as a mailbox for managing information on the website, blog and e-commerce). In addition, it allows you to unify the identity and image of your company, brand, product or service.

Get a web hosting and web domain name with a specialist

Making and maintaining websites may sound simple, but these are projects that require a great deal of dedication, strategy, and attention to detail.

It is not only about frequent monitoring of indexing, speed of downloading, but also of computer security, attention in terms of technical service, proper operation of the platform and permanent maintenance.

Focus on growing your business and leave these tasks in our hands. Our goal is to accompany and advise you when it comes to marketing because we firmly believe that together we can achieve great things. Contact us and let us show you that we are the best ally for your business.