Web maintenance: Everything you need to know

Many companies, online businesses and entrepreneurs turn to digital marketing and web design agencies to improve their business visibility. However, few know that it is not enough to create a website, blog or e-commerce, but that other tasks that involve web maintenance must be done.

Is it really necessary to do web maintenance?

Having a functional, effective and attractive website implies constant updating. It is useless to have created, developed and designed a professional website, blog or e-commerce if it is not maintained, improved and updated frequently.

Imagine this: A person visits your website and finds it neglected, abandoned, with old news, an old web design, there are errors of visualization from the mobile, the load is slow, it has security flaws … how trustworthy a site like this is to transmit? ? Would you hire the service of a company that has such a precarious image?

Having a website means keeping it clean, orderly and up to date. Remember that being on the internet means that you are showing the identity and image of your brand to the outside world in a constantly changing environment.

This means that not only will you convey a good or bad image of your business, but that you are competing with other similar companies, so you must differentiate yourself.

Today, websites are very complex: They have files, databases and they are gears created by different web developers. Everything has to fit together, download quickly and be in sync, which is why updates are important.

Web maintenance is a key piece for your website, blog or e-commerce to be taken care of, offer a good user experience (UX), transmit a correct image of your company and achieve a position in search engines such as Google.

Wanting to make it cheaper or save costs or pretending to do it yourself instead of resorting to specialists can cause you serious problems.

Ask for quotes, talk to specialists, contrast the value versus the service, today’s costs are very affordable and necessary. You will see that you will save money and gain peace of mind.

What should a web maintenance service include?

For web maintenance to be professional, of quality and carried out by specialists in the field, it should cover the following areas:

Constant monitoring

Some tools and plugins allow you to detect falls and attacks to the security of the server of your website, blog or e-commerce. We use this type of system that allows us to resolve the incident as soon as possible. 

The important thing is to detect such drops as soon as possible, execute the necessary actions and that you do not lose sales because your website has stopped working.

Information security

Today’s websites, blogs or e-commerces are constantly attacked by hackers and robots. For this reason, the security service must be carried out by specialists and include periodic monitoring to notify us if a new vulnerability appears. In case of hacking, intrusion, malware or virus, proceed to disinfect.


Backup copies of the website, blog and e-commerce should be made frequently and stored on an external server for at least 7 days to be able to act quickly in case of an emergency.

Server and website optimization

Good server performance and technical SEO improvements allow the website, blog or e-commerce to load quickly and allow a good user experience (UX).

This, in turn, increases SEO positioning and the possibility of generating leads, in addition to reducing the bounce rate.

SEO and UX content update

Updating the content of the website, blog or e-commerce allows improving the indexing and positioning in web search engines. This SEO content curation and optimization is done for texts, photos, web design elements, banners, buttons, product price changes in online stores such as Woocommerce or Prestashop, as well as other elements.

In addition, the best in UX allows the user to have better interaction and even become a lead.

SEO improvements for search engine optimization

This task consists of optimizing labels, content, images, detecting broken links, robot problems, sitemaps, etc. It is a very technical SEO task that can positively affect the sale of your products or services, so it is recommended that it should be done by an SEO specialist.

Personalized support

It is always advisable to have a business partner such as IDX.marketing who offers a specialist who already knows our project, with whom it is easy to talk, who attends in a personalized way and speaks a non-technical language so that we understand their explanations.

Software updates

If your website, blog or e-commerce is WordPress, you may have been scared by applying the updates and settings yourself. It seems simple, but it requires a lot of time, care and detail, so this task should be in the hands of professionals and specialists, such as the IDX.marketing team.

Monthly task and KPI reports

Many of the activities mentioned above are not seen with the naked eye, so many times we believe that they are not being carried out. For this reason, it is highly recommended to receive some type of periodic report indicating the maintenance actions carried out on the website and the server.

Likewise, it is also key to request web analytics reports with the KPIs of your website. These are usually presented in Data Studio in real-time.

Advantages of hiring the web maintenance service

Going to specialists to do web maintenance on your website, blog or e-commerce is essential to save time and money. Someone with a lot of experience will detect problems early and can even anticipate them.

A website, blog or e-commerce is your showcase on the internet. Take care of it, make it always work at full capacity so that your digital advertising campaigns or online marketing strategies do not stop under any circumstances.

The advantages of hiring a professional web maintenance service are:

You save time and money

Maintaining a website, blog or e-commerce involves dedicating yourself in great detail and doing it without experience can be an ordeal. Imagine: If to upload a photo you have to spend 30 minutes cropping it and passing filters with Photoshop, losing weight and renaming the file to optimize it implies spending a very valuable and intangible resource: your time, which in turn is transformed into money.

Add to that tasks such as: Install an SSL certificate, update the version of your WordPress, configure an email account, detect flaws in the meta descriptions and metadata, etc. Those are just a few examples of web maintenance tasks you can do, but it will take you much longer than a professional who does it daily.

Also, what if something goes wrong? Do you have a plan B? Do you know how to go back to the action performed? Do you know how to recover the data?

You can focus on your business

Your main objective is your company, the development of the brand, product and service. Do not divert your attention, all this is what you should dedicate time to because if you do not do it, your company will not advance.

Leave everything related to the creation and maintenance of the website, as well as everything related to advertising and digital marketing to specialized advertising agencies. You will see how you will make better use of resources.

You receive professional help in a personalized way

There is nothing better than contacting a specialist to ask for help or to make a consultation. Always to the same people, without going through a call center, without opening a support ticket, systems widely used today but cold and impersonal that is like a lottery, depending on who touches you will serve you better or worse.

At IDX.marketing we offer personalized attention, almost always the same person will attend to you, who already knows you and your project, you do not have to explain everything again.

You have peace of mind that your website is watched

If you deal with professionals and hire a company dedicated to web maintenance and technical support, or you will have the correct working method. Your website, blog or e-commerce will be constantly monitored and failures that affect the profitability or reputation of your business will be avoided.

Constant technical updates

The good thing about dealing with internet and website specialists is that we are constantly updating ourselves on web technologies, new trends, computer security, hosting, etc. If there is something you should know, we will tell you in a didactic way so that you can understand the whole situation in detail.

You get help for the web and email.

A web maintenance service should not only focus on the website, blog or e-commerce, it should also be oriented towards email.

This service tends to have more complexity and incidence than the same website, blog or e-commerce and many of our clients also need support for the configuration of Outlook, Thunderbird accounts, on Android, iOS mobiles and tablets.

On the other hand, the email service has very specific rules that must be treated with great prudence and strategy so as not to receive penalties from the system. For example, if you do mass emailing, they can block your domain or your IP, due to the risk of ransomware attacks, phishing, spam, etc.

SEO & SEM positioning improvements

By constantly updating your website, blog or e-commerce, both at a technical and content level, you will achieve better SEO positioning, which in turn implies a reduction in the cost of keywords for the SEM strategy, an increase in traffic web, time of permanence and better management in the sales funnel

This is done under the proposal and constant supervision of specialists in digital content, digital planning and digital marketing.

Create your website and do web maintenance with the best

You saw it, creating and maintaining websites may seem simple, but these are projects that involve a lot of dedication, strategy and attention to detail. This implies the investment of valuable resources that could be optimized if executed by a digital agency.

It is not only about frequent monitoring of indexing, speed of downloading, but also of computer security, attention in terms of technical service, proper operation of the platform and permanent maintenance.

Dedicate yourself to growing your business and leave all these activities in our hands. Our mission is to advise and support you when it comes to creating and maintaining websites, blogs and e-commerce because we know that together we can grow. Contact us and let us show you that we are the best ally for your business.