What is Internet Marketing? – Part 2

In Internet marketing or online marketing there are four key points that are very important and that you must ensure compliance before the launch of any web campaign:

  1. Usability: It is the efficiency with which the user is offered the service or information that requires. Any website focused on online marketing strategies must be highly usable, that is, that its design is intuitive enough so that a child or an elder can browse the website with no problems.
  2. Interface: A properly designed interface allows highlighting new and relevant content for the user without extravagance within the website. By implementing an attractive interface, users are more attracted to the product or information that they want to transmit.
  3. Search engines: They are responsible for ordering the information that exists on the Internet. To advertise through a search engine there are two systems: SEO and SEM. The first refers to organic or natural positioning and the second is based on the results obtained when making a payment. The latter is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) or sponsored links.
  4. Promotion: Promoting a company along with its products and services is a key factor to grow your company. This can be done through the exclusive Internet channels: Email Marketing, E-advertising (Banners), Social media marketing (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

How to implement an online marketing strategy?

Having an online marketing strategy has become a necessity rather than an option for companies. This can help to have more direct communication with users, improve segmentation, measure results, and obtain constant optimization.

To carry out a good implementation of an online Marketing strategy, you must consider some elements that are essential to ensure the successful development of a successful campaign. In future articles, we will continue this topic.

  • Have a website
  • Bring traffic to said website
  • Use search engine positioning
  • Echoing the campaign in Social Media

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