Why Digital Marketing Helps Drive Sales For My Business

Selling a brand, product or service implies dedication and development by a professional team. In fact, due to the pandemic, it is increasingly important to have a digital marketing agency that is in charge of managing everything related to the website, blog, e-commerce and digital advertising in order to guarantee attracting quality customers and achieving effective sales closings.

Advantages of having a digital marketing agency

Doing digital marketing is much more than posting online, paying for digital advertising and waiting for customers to arrive. It is about designing, executing and monitoring plans specially designed to connect the target audience with the brand, product or service that is offered.

The digital ecosystem is the map of the digital marketing strategy

Once the target audience has been defined (and better yet, defined the buyer persona), it’s time to put together the roadmap that will allow you to apply digital marketing. This means that they will be defined:

  • Channels.
  • Goals.
  • Budget.

All these elements of the digital ecosystem will work in harmony and will support each other in order to meet the established objectives and goals.

SEO as part of the digital marketing strategy

The center of a digital marketing strategy is the website and the blog. From there the digital content will start, which will be optimized using SEO techniques so that it appears in the search engines organically.

Applying SEO consists of technically optimizing the website and digital content so that the website is always at the top of the search engine results

Social networks as a showcase and interaction

Publications on social networks connect with audiences naturally interested in the content generated by the profile or fan page of the brand, product or service, which is why it represents an excellent space to make visible what is published on the website and generate traffic.

However, it is not enough to publish automatically, but it must be done strategically, taking into account publication hours, as well as the adaptation of the language to the channel and the audience.

SEM to leverage web content

Another strategy used in digital marketing is SEM, which consists of segmenting audiences and providing advertising budget on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Linked In Ads and programmatic advertising to boost publications on social networks and websites.

Using SEM helps to make content visible, generate web traffic, generate conversation and connect with the audience, which has previously been segmented.

You cannot direct your message to everyone without a clear objective and without limiting the audience, it would be like shooting arrows into space. For example, if you have a fertility doctor’s office in Florida, you should target women of reproductive age who live in nearby areas. It is useless if your ads reach someone who is in New York or Texas, it is wasting the advertising budget.

Sales funnel, key in digital marketing

The sales funnel is a marketing strategy that is transferred to the digital world because it is much easier to recognize users and follow them up to make the sale.

Let’s see: What are funnels for? To channel liquids in an organized and measured way.

In the same way, a digital marketing funnel serves to channel customers.

The objective of a sales funnel is to detect the user base at different purchase levels and provide them with the information or attention that suits what they are looking for, in order to move it to the next level and make the purchase … and even go further: build loyalty and make them an ambassador for your brand, product or service.

We must bear in mind that the sales funnel is executed through different tactics based on a digital marketing strategy that integrates the different digital assets that the brand, product or service has.

Having a digital marketing agency as an ally means guaranteeing the success of your business

Many entrepreneurs think that digital marketing can be managed in-house.

However, this is usually a serious mistake that can cost you dearly in the future. Why? 

Carrying out digital marketing tasks implies strategic planning and execution of tasks that require a highly trained work team. Doing all these tasks within the company can mean additional personnel costs and a diversion of the attention of the personnel already existing in the core business.

At IDX we have a team dedicated to providing you with the best service at the best price. Our main objective is to grow with you and with your business.

Let us be your ally in the design and execution of effective digital marketing strategies! Contact us and grow your business…or just let´s schedule a Zoom meeting!