Why does good web design matter?

A good web design is key today because the internet has become the best showcase to show a brand, product or service.

There are more and more users, penetration and reach of the internet. Not only that: the digital transformation of companies has accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance of good web design

Being on the internet is not everything, it is also a determining factor to positively distinguish yourself from competitors, position yourself in the memory of users and achieve transactions. All this is achieved with a good web design, which in turn implies achieving a good user experience (UX) through a good user interface (UI).

As in any showcase for the presentation of products, aesthetics and efficiency play a very important role in achieving the sale. For this reason, an organized, clear and simple design is the best option to achieve the objectives of the brand, product or service.

A good web design depends on good professionals

A website, blog or e-commerce with good visualization, simple, useful and that facilitates the navigation of potential customers, will boost the conversion for sale and the return to the website.

While it is true that web design is a key factor in the impression that is generated on visitors, it is also true that the simple presence of a company or brand on the Internet with an attractive website does not guarantee visits at all.

A good web design allows you to target a specific sector by using codes that are familiar and attractive to them. Success depends largely on a correct study of the needs of the company and the demand of users.

The best thing to do is forget about homemade experiments derived from “do it yourself” and trust online marketing professionals who guarantee the best results through the use of web design strategies, SEM and SEO.

Hiring professional services in web page design ensures the presence of web pages in search engines as well as a good positioning that attracts a multitude of visitors.

Key factors for a good web design

Although we may not realize it, the design of all objects around us has a great influence on us. In fact, design often influences the decisions we make and how we execute certain actions.

What has prompted us to choose a brand, product or service is usually associated with three factors: Functionality, design and price.

When we have a need, we look for the object that solves our problem, then we think about how we want it (the shape or the design) and finally how much we are willing to pay for it.

In this way, if we want to sell a brand, product or service, it is essential to take into account the following: let’s think about whom we want to target and how we can attract them. This product must be conceived and designed for a specific audience and must attract their attention with such force that it does not allow them to notice the neighboring product.

The same thing happens with websites. Let’s take a concrete example: It takes a user approximately 3 seconds to decide whether a website is of interest to her or not (loading time). One of the basic elements for that quick decision depends on a well-analyzed web design.

Web design is not about simply making things “pretty”. Everything has a function and an order. All the elements that make up a good web design follow a strategy designed for the end-user. You have to make the user behave as we want him to do it and satisfy her needs in the fastest, most effective, and efficient way possible.

That is to say, think about a web design based on the user and obtain from him the reaction that interests us, which is the famous “call to action” (CTA).

What does it take to make a good web design?

To make a good web design, you have to clearly define the project strategy, make sketches and then design. Doing a good web design with a well-thought-out, attractive and easy-to-manage structure will increase the chances of turning it into a profitable tool.

First, you have to focus on the target to whom you are going to address: Analyze their needs, their activities, the context in which they are located, the size of the project, as well as the subjective and emotional variables.

All this will help to design a project that has empathy with the user, that fits with their behavior and that meets both the objectives of the brand, product or service, as well as the needs of the user.

The process to take into account for a good web design

Before continuing to talk about web design, it should be differentiated from web development. This factor is not focused on what is visible, but on what is not seen with the naked eye, but that is carried out by the website’s programming and everything that its functions and characteristics encompass.

Web design, on the other hand, can be defined as the visible face of the page. The structure, the image and the form would be the key elements that this factor takes into account.

Additionally, it is key that a good web design reflects and personifies the product, brand or service so that visitors to the website, blog or e-commerce can internalize and position the identity and image of your brand.

The way in which a good web design is executed must be done thinking both about what we want to convey about our brand, product or service and what we want to explain to users.

This means that the main objectives of the design of a website are, broadly speaking, two: a good aesthetic (UI) and an optimal user experience (UX), all with the sole purpose of communicating something to our user and get it to convert to the respective sale or subscription. In general, web design seeks to create a simple and perfectly explained design to cover these two objectives.

Good web design helps your business grow

A good web design makes your website, blog and e-commerce attractive to users and generate sales conversions. For this reason, it is essential to leave this task to specialists.

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